Fist of 5

A way of measuring how everyone is feeling about a process. A useful tool to use as a check-in throughout a process. People show fingers to display their “feeling number,” 5 being fully satisfied/supported, 0 being not happy/not supported at all. Address what could be changed or improved if participants show 0-3s, and evaluate the …

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Family Narrative

Research shows that youth who have knowledge of their family history, events, challenges, and successes have more self-control, higher self-esteem, and handle difficulties better. This is due to youth feeling a strong sense of belonging and being part of something bigger than they are. Contributing to a family narrative involves telling family stories, following traditions, …

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Engaging Nature

Getting people outside can do wonders for building capacities for problem solving. Through engaging nature, youth become calm, learn to listen carefully, develop their empathic response, become more respectful and more careful about their own actions, and take on leadership positions to protect nature. They feel peace and learn about the practical steps of civic …

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