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" 2022 Action Plan – Peace Forward Ambassadors – Lisa Krupp & Kathy Millington "

Action Plan


Our Action Plan is to empower people to create a just and peaceful world through 3 pathways: Peace Education, International Peace Sites and Peace Ambassadors.
Click here for our Ceeds of Peace framework plan.
We share World Citizen Peace ac
tions to integrate into our daily lives:

SEEK peace within yourself and others
REACH OUT in service
PROTECT the environment
RESPECT diversity
BE a responsible citizen of the world

By weaving these simple peace actions into our daily life, we can change the world. It is most effectively shared by example and the power of ONE. Launching an initiative to

PEACE IT FORWARD will inspire each International Peace Site or each Peace Ambassador to bring just ONE other Peace Site or Peace Ambassador to join the effort in creating a just and peaceful world.

Specific tools to launch our PEACE IT FORWARD initiative include video marketing segments added to our website to clearly explain WHO we are, WHAT we do and HOW we do it. Activities include email marketing to our database encouraging registration for world citizens to become Peace Ambassadors and share their personal goals for peace. Activities also include providing instructions on hosting a high school project or community project for “PAINTING PEACE” – where individuals can gather to paint their own peace poles. Participation in The Montessori Event – the largest annual gathering of Montessori educators to share information on schools becoming International Peace Sites and educators to become Peace Ambassadors. Ultimately requesting both Peace Sites and Peace Ambassadors to inspire just ONE other Peace Ambassador to assist with the PEACE IT FORWARD initiative.