Peace Relevant Literature

Multiple peace education and character education books exist (go to for many book titles). Use throughout all lessons and have readily available in the classroom/home/library. Look to our resource lists in order to build your own peace education resource library or find culturally relevant literature on topics such as compassion (“Wonder”), courage (“Say Something”), …

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Next Time Commitments

After going through a resolution process, have youth make commitments to one another and to their community about how they will do things differently next time. Document the commitment somewhere safe. If possible, have them set a time frame for meeting the commitment/obligation.

My Kuleana

When discussing a current or historical event, have youth draw, write about, paint or publicly express what their kuleana (responsibility) would have been or is now to that particular situation. 


Give youth a small amount of money to manage. Teach them about investing, saving, the value of conservation, wise spending, and encourage them to give to charity. Use these activities to teach them about how the economy works and the importance of securing a vibrant economy. Also teach them how money issues create inequalities for …

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Provide spaces for youth to practice the skills of mediation between them as well as facilitation of group discussions and problem solving. Hone their skills in active listening, open-ended questions, leading with solutions, etc.  Role playing different scenarios is an effective way to learn to mediate and facilitate. (See also: Rotating Facilitators)